Ross Crane

Candidate for Secretary of State

Ross was born in Houston Texas, graduated from Dallas Baptist University. He has lived in Las Vegas since 2005, working in hotel management for 12 years and now helps produce trade shows. He is the proud father of 8 and 11 year old daughters and has entered politics with the aim of helping create a freer Nevada for his daughters to grow up in.

Business and occupational licensure

Ross wants to eliminate the wasteful and useless red tape, fees, and licenses that make it hard for businesses to start up in Nevada – especially for the poorest among us. Government is throttling the lifeblood of a free, productive, and prosperous society – entrepreneurship.


Ross believes that all of government should be open to public scrutiny, the better to ensure a fair, honest, and trustworthy government that all Nevadan’s can believe in. This is true for all of government operation, and perhaps most critically in our elections system.


Ross wants to eliminate the useless and corrupt regulations that hamper business activity and help entrenched crony special interests at the expense of all the rest of us. An efficient and streamlined government makes for an honest and level playing field. This makes for a better operating environment for Nevada’s businesses and a better living environment for Nevada’s citizens.

The Gold Standard In The Fight For Liberty

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is the fastest-growing political party in Nevada. We fight for more freedom and choice, and less government for all Nevadans. We believe people should be allowed to live as they choose so long as they do not initiate violence or engage in coercion, theft, or fraud. We are the official state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party.

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